Defying the big company: How Max was able to successfully reduce his rent

Max from Canada paid 1000€ “warm” for his apartment in Wedding. Even before signing the contract he suspected that the rent was too high. He signed the lease anyway, because he knew how difficult it is to find a nice apartment in Berlin. But instead of continuing to pay the excessive rent, Max informed himself and finally decided to act against his overpriced rent - which turned out successfully. Read here how Max managed to lower his rent by 150€/month.

How did Max find his apartment?

Max moved to Berlin three years ago after he finished his studies. He already knew Germany from his time as an exchange student in Munich and had also been to Berlin several times. So he thought to himself after finishing his studies: "Let's just move back to Germany" - and settled in Berlin. At first he lived in a shared apartment, but after a year he decided to move into a new one. He chose the district of Wedding, thinking that the rents in Wedding were not yet too high. He found an apartment through the website of one of the largest real estate companies in Germany. Max finally got the apartment and signed the tenancy agreement and - being happy to have found something - he signed the lease despite the high rent.

This is how Max found out that he was paying too much rent

After some conversations with his neighbours Max learned that his rent was indeed far too high. One of his neighbors paid even 400€ less for a similar apartment. So Max decided to act: The 30-year-old informed himself on the internet about the Berlin rent index and decided to lower his rent. Max trusts the German legal system and was sure that a rent reduction is possible.

Rent too high?
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How Max came to CONNY

He discovered an ad for CONNY’s rent control services on the internet and clicked on it, although he normally never does that. But a friend had already told him about CONNY (formerly and so he decided to lower his rent with our help. Max filled out the online form and was contacted by CONNY shortly afterwards. After a few months CONNY was able to successfully enforce the rent reduction and Max was glad that we found an out-of-court solution to reduce his rent.

We asked Max whether he wasn't afraid of his landlord, but his answer was clear: "I didn't really care what they think". The property management never responded to inquiries and problems. Moreover, he already described the relationship as "non-existent", which is why he assumed that nothing would change. And that's how it came about. Max now pays 150€ less rent per month and the relationship with his landlord has not changed.

And why CONNY?

"You don't have to pay anything unless you get something done. That was for me the most important bit of information". So Max decided to try CONNY because of the “no win, no fee” approach. In addition, he found detailed information on our website about how rent control (“Mietpreisbremse”) in Germany works before placing his order. A further advantage for him was that the whole process was carried out online. Max would have been doubtful of hiring a lawyer since he would have had to pay the lawyer quite some money even if the case was lost. With CONNY, he knew that he only had to pay a contingency fee if the case is settled successfully - and he is successful and saves several thousand euros due to the lower rent.