The law really was on our side

Diego checked the rent with CONNY right after he moved in. Although he was worried about confronting his landlord, Diego decided to pull rent control. And it paid off! Diego now saves 130€ every month.

What was your problem and how did you become aware of CONNY?

We heard of Conny since before we moved to our new apartment. Before we moved in, we calculated the rent according to the Mietpreisbremse and realized it was too high. We signed the contract anyway, and contacted Conny straightaway to lower our rent to the maximum allowed by law.

What were your concerns before you commissioned CONNY? Were you afraid to confront your landlord with this? What has become of your fears?

We were afraid that our landlord would retaliate against us, and that we could lose our apartment. However, we understood thanks to Conny that this was our legal right, and believed that only fighting for our rights we could improve the situation for everyone. Luckily, everything took place very smoothly and we never had any troubles with the landlord whatsoever, they never even contacted us directly about it.

You pay too much rent?
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How did the process work out for you, and how much rent could you save?

We sent in the form to Conny the week we moved in to our apartment. After about six weeks, the landlord had agreed to lower our rent from €510 to €380 warm. We even received money back from the rents we had over-payed.

What is your conclusion from your experience with CONNY? What would you like to share with others in a similar situation?

We realized that the law really was on our side, and that no one should be afraid to enforce they rights. I would encourage anyone to see for themselves by requesting an estimation of their rent. The process was smooth, and there was nothing to be afraid of. Now we have a fair rent and we can save all that extra money. The relationship with our landlord was unchanged.