In the end the law is on your side!

Timothy's rent was too high and he was not familiar with the German legal system. Therefore, he did not know how to change anything about the excessive rent. But with CONNY's help he was able to save a fifth of his rent.

What was your problem and how did you become aware of CONNY?

Our rent was quite high and because we are foreigners we had no idea how to check or change this. Our friend sent us a link to your website.

What were your concerns before you commissioned CONNY? Were you afraid to confront your landlord with this? What has become of your fears?

Our concerns were that we wouldn't be able to properly challenge our landlord when we don't understand the system. We also wanted to ensure that we correctly approached the challenge in terms of law. We were also worried the landlord would be able to take action against us such as evict us early. The testimonies on your website made us think differently.

You pay too much rent?

Do it like Timothy and lower your rent.

How did the process work out for you, and how much rent could you save?

It took about 6 months but we got any overpaid rent back from the date that the challenge was made and we saved 20%.

What is your conclusion from your experience with CONNY? What would you like to share with others in a similar situation?

It takes time and just a bit of courage but in the end the law is on your side. This service approaches the situation professionally to ensure that at all times that law is being applied. Once you realise you've got nothing to lose it just makes sense. Everyone should do this!