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Recently moved?

Get your deposit back now!

Your former landlord hesitates to refund your deposit?

CONNY reclaims your money for you - professionally and without cost risk.

"There is not a week
lasted, and the
Property management
has reduced the
rent by 150 €."

Lilli from Hamburg

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Our experts continue to enforce your rights as a tenant as usual - now as part of CONNY, the new platform for consumer protection. The service remains the same for you.

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Don't let your former landlord hold you back! Reclaim your deposit today. CONNY will take care of everything and you can sit back.

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Check online and without obligation whether CONNY can enforce your claim for repayment. If we do not successfully enforce the refund for you, you will not pay anything.

Conny-Services at a glance

Tenancy law

CONNY helps you with many topics around your rent. For example, with a rent reduction, the defence against a rent increase or helps you with the tenant protection in disputes with your landlord.

Labour law

If you have already received a notice of termination, CONNY will take care of your severance pay. With the cover letter you can also insure yourself against future labour law cases right now.


Only pay for what you get - that's fair. Under EU law, you are entitled to contract performance. Conny helps you to reduce your Internet costs or to terminate your DSL contract early.