Our pricing

For CONNY offers applies: You only pay in case of success!*

*Except for our legal protection products, which are paid by annual fee.

Usually, our commission can be directly offset against your repayment to the other party, so you do not have to make a direct payment to us if the payment is handled by the other party through us.

If there are no fixed fees, the commission due is calculated on the basis of the savings achieved for you. Thus, the amount of our commission is usually significantly lower than the costs that would have been incurred for a lawyer and court fees.

What payment options are available?

In case of success, CONNY will offset the accrued commission against the repayment claim you have against your landlord. Only in exceptional cases a bank transfer or alternatively payment by credit card is necessary.

Customers of our tenant protection tariffs can use the SEPA direct debit procedure or pay by bank transfer.