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Termination agreement?

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We consult you on all questions regarding your termination agreement and renegotiate it for you if you want.

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Marissa from Berlin

Our service

A dismissal is a difficult situation. Not only mentally, but often also financially. But don't worry, we have your back and will help you to get your rights! Easy, online and without hidden costs.

Termination agreements offered by employers are usually unfavourable for you. In order to help you get a fair severance payment, our experts are there to help. The lawyers of the CONNY law firm will renegotiate the termination agreement for you. You do not have to worry about anything and only pay us a commission if we obtain a higher severance payment for you.

You want to get advice from an expert in employment law first? That's also possible. For only 50€, a lawyer from the CONNY law firm will advise you on all matters relating to your termination agreement. Should you mandate us to renegotiate the offer at a later stage, the 50€ will of course be offset.

Do you have any questions regarding the procedure or scope of services? Feel free to contact us Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 030-8632-8934-1.

Check termination agreement

Despite 4 years in the company Laura
was offered only €1500

“I worked for a company in Cologne for a good 4 years. The dismissal did not come as a surprise, but the severance pay offered seemed very low. Since I am not familiar with the topic of labour law and did not want to take any cost risk, I commissioned CONNY with the negotiation. In the end, they were able to get me 5300€, which all sides could live with well.”


What you need to know about termination agreements and protection against dismissal

The protection against dismissal in Germany applies to every employee who

  • works in the company for at least 6 months
  • works in a company with more than 10 employees

If your employer offers you severance pay on his own initiative in the form of a termination agreement, it shows that he is aware of your rights. However, the offer is usually far from a fair severance payment. It is therefore very important to have the termination agreement checked and renegotiated if necessary.

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Michael is from Wales and thus
not familiar with German labour law

“Two months ago, I was unexpectedly presented with a termination agreement. I had worked as an English-speaking account manager for a software company for 18 months. As I am not familiar with German labour law, I initially booked the consultation for 50€, which was much easier and cheaper than a classic lawyer. Since CONNY seemed very competent, I finally commissioned them to renegotiate and was able to increase the settlement amount by 60% as a result.”


Our pricing

If CONNY negotiates a higher severance payment for you, 35% of the difference between the new and the old offer will be charged as a commission.

An example: The severance payment offered by the employer is 1000€. However, CONNY achieves a severance payment of 6000€ for you. This results in a fee of 1750€ (35% of 5000€).

If you decide to have a consultation with a lawyer of the Conny law firm first, a one-time fee of 50€ will be charged. Should you decide to mandate CONNY to renegotiate your termination agreement at a later stage, the 50€ will be offset.


Check whether the offered severance pay is fair

In most cases, the severance pay offered in termination agreements is significantly too low.

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Mandate CONNY to renegotiate

We enforce your rights and negotiate a fair settlement. Without financial risk. Commission only in case of success.

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100% success rate

So far, we have negotiated every case successfully and obtained an average settlement of 4300€.

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