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Check termination agreement now

Fast - Simple - Without cost risk

  1. Receive a free initial assessment of your potential severance pay
  2. Review & representation of your case by the experienced CONNY partner lawyers
  3. Higher severance pay & fair termination agreement received

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Professional help:
Our partner lawyers are experts in termination agreements
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Fast & simple:
Get immediate help and a call back within 2 hours
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No cost risk:
You only pay if a higher severance payment has been negotiated for you - and only a proportional commission from the additional severance payment.

What you can expect

Termination agreements offered by the employer are usually unfavorable for you.

  1. You usually receive comparatively small severance pay.
  2. You risk being credited against your unemployment benefit.
  3. You waive the salary you are entitled to by shortening the notice period.

We at CONNY help you and finance the representation by our partner lawyers.

The CONNY partner lawyers

  • review your termination agreement in detail in terms of content and form,
  • estimate the risk of being credited to your unemployment benefit,
  • discuss with you the possibilities for action,
  • negotiate for you a reasonable severance pay,
  • handle all correspondence with your employer and
  • are at your professional disposal during the entire process.

For you the process is fast, easy and without any cost risk!

Have your termination agreement checked now & get a higher severance pay and avoid disadvantages in unemployment benefits or salary.

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You can reach us from Mo-Fr between 09.00-19.00 o'clock under +493054908217.

Highly rated by customers

Robin receives 4600€ severance pay after termination

Robin got support from CONNY after his termination to fight for an adequate severance pay. For him, trying to enforce a severance package is a common procedure. He did not really have any concerns.


Linnea was terminated without explanation

Linnea was employed by her former employer for one of the longest periods of time. All of a sudden, she received a notice of termination without explanation. Together with CONNY, she was at least able to obtain a severance package.

What moves us

  • Professional
    The lawyers of our partner firm are experts in dealing with termination agreements. They negotiate fair termination agreements in a professional and trustworthy manner and facilitate higher severance payments for employees.
  • Without cost risk
    You as a customer do not bear any cost risk. Conny GmbH pays all costs. Only if a higher severance payment has been negotiated for you will you pay a proportional commission of the additional severance payment. Otherwise the service is free of charge for you.

» Contact us free of charge & without obligation and receive a free initial assessment of your termination agreement.

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