Robin receives 4600€ severance pay after termination

Robin got support from CONNY after his termination to fight for an adequate severance pay. For him, trying to enforce a severance package is a common procedure. He did not really have any concerns.

What was your problem and how did you hear about us?

I wanted to win a severance pay and found out about CONNY on the Internet.

What were your concerns before you hired us? For example, were you afraid to confront your employer? What got you over your concerns and what happened to your fears?

I had few concerns in advance, as this is a common procedure. The procedure was then explained to me by a CONNY lawyer and so the last questions were also clarified.

Have you also received a notice of termination?
Do it like Robin. Check free of charge & without obligation, which severance amount is possible for you

How did the process work out for you, and how much compensation were you able to obtain?

The process was smooth and everything could be clarified over 3 phone calls. Everything else was done by CONNY. The compensation was 4600€.

What is your conclusion from your experience with us? What would you like to pass on to others in a similar situation?

Everything went smoothly and I would turn to CONNY again next time.