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What you should know

Terminations are often not legal

The Dismissal Protection Act protects you from unjustified terminations.

With the dismissal protection lawsuit to your right

The purpose of the action for unfair dismissal is to ward off unjustified dismissals and has two objectives:

  1. The continued employment of the employee;
  2. A severance payment in the event of termination of the employment relationship. If the defence against dismissal is successful, the employment relationship continues to exist, which can be expensive for the employer.

You could receive severance pay

For this reason, employers often agree to pay severance payments, with the amount of the severance payment being the result of negotiations.

3-week period

The complaint of dismissal must be filed with the labour court within 3 weeks of receipt of the dismissal. Otherwise the dismissal is deemed to be effective.

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We ensure your rights

CONNY is Germany's leading umbrella brand for enforcing consumer rights. With the help of intelligent technology for the schematic checking of documents and procedures as well as professional processes, CONNY helps consumers throughout Germany. Our services cover everything from excessive rents to employee protection. The experienced CONNY partner lawyers always stand by our clients.

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CONNY's partner lawyers are experts in dealing with terminations. Professionally and in a trusting manner, they fend off unjustified terminations or ensure fair severance payments for employees. Our promise: You as a client bear no financial risk. Conny GmbH assumes all legal fees and court costs. You pay a commission only if we are successful. Otherwise you will not be charged anything.

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