After being dismissed: When to register with the employment office?

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 17. Mai 2020

After the employee has received a notice of dismissal, the registration as a jobseeker at the employment office must always be considered. The employee is obliged to register with the employment office at least 3 months before the notice of dismissal takes effect. This is to prevent the employee from being unemployed, as these 3 months can then be used by the employment office to find a new job. Thus the employee does not only remain in work and has no gaps in the curriculum vitae, but is also not dependent on state support

Register as jobseeker

The 3 months cannot always be observed by the employee. This may be because there is a reason through no fault of their own or because the notice period is less than 3 months and therefore the notice becomes effective in less than 3 months. In such cases, the employee must report to the employment office within 3 days of receiving the notice of termination or after the reason for the impediment ceases to exist.

Unemployment benefit blocked if deadline missed

If the employee does not register within this period, the employment agency can impose a blocking period for the unemployment benefit, so that no state benefits are granted despite unemployment. In order to avoid this unpleasant result, the employee should report to the employment agency as soon as possible. This can either be done in person at your local job centre, online ( or by phone: 0800 4 5555 00.

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Permission to conduct job interview

The legislator supports the employee in going to the employment office and in looking for a new job to the extent that the employer is legally obliged to release the employee for this. This is to prevent the employee from not being able to take part in job interviews due to regular business hours.

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