How CONNY works

Our principle: Fast. Simple. No win, no fee.

message by Dev Patel from the Noun Project

1. You contact us with your issue.

CONNY offers a free initial assessment in tenancy and labor law. For this purpose, you send us your case data in just a few clicks. In many cases, thanks to an algorithm, you will immediately receive a result as to whether your case has a chance of success - and how high your claim is.

2. We will review your case and contact you.

Based on the information you provide, our legal experts will check the chances of success of your case. If the assessment is positive, we will inform you by e-mail about the next steps. If there are any open questions, we will also contact you directly by phone.

message by Dev Patel from the Noun Project
message by Dev Patel from the Noun Project

3. You send us all important documents.

In order to enforce your claim, we need some proof documents, which you can comfortably send us by e-mail to Please indicate your case number as subject.

4. We take over the settlement with the other party.

After we know all the details of your case, a CONNY legal expert will take over the enforcement of your claim. As a matter of principle, we seek an out-of-court settlement, and this requires professional negotiating skills. If the other party refuses to reach an agreement, we will file a lawsuit with your consent. CONNY will cover all costs for you.

message by Dev Patel from the Noun Project
message by Dev Patel from the Noun Project

5. You get your money.

After successful enforcement of your claim, the amount won will be transferred to your bank account. Often the commission is paid directly to CONNY by the other party. If this does not happen, you will receive our provision bill within a few days. Payment is possible by bank transfer or credit card. You can find an overview of our pricing here.

Our services for you

Rent reduction & tenancy law

We help you with many issues concerning your rent. For example, we lower your rent with rent control and rent freeze, have your rent increase defended by our partner lawyers and protect you against possible disputes with the landlord with our special tenant protection.

All about rent

Termination & Labour law

Have you been dismissed? Dismissals are often not legal. Have your termination checked or calculate your possible severance pay with the severance pay calculator. If you are interested, the CONNY partner lawyers are ready to help you.

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