For the rights of consumers

Whether as tenants, employees, or citizens of the net – far too often, people are not aware of their rights. Additionally, the hurdles to personally enforce these seem far too big. Far too many claims, no matter the stakes, fall through the grid of our legal system. For consumers, this often leads to missed opportunities for more justice – and hard cash losses. Additionally, this also steadily weakens our state governed by the rule of law and thus our democracy. We are here to change that.

Our vision

We believe in a society where law and justice go hand in hand and all consumers can make use of their rights – regardless of budget, availability, or expertise.
As an innovative German company, we have built the leading online platform for enforcing consumer rights. Our goal: to make law enforcement as quick and easy as ordering a pizza. Of course we do this without any cost-risk as we only receive a commission if the case is successfully completed.

Smart technology makes it possible

Instead of initial consultation with a lawyer, which can cost up to 200 Euros, our self-developed software analyzes whether there is a legal claim and what the chances of success are in just a few clicks - for free. And it goes even further: Thanks to this technology, our corporate lawyers can draft legal letters, that would otherwise take many hours, in just a few minutes. We pass these savings on to our customers and only charge a fair fee where we have been successful. Our promise: no success – no costs for our customers.

CONNY was founded in 2016 as (operating under Mietright GmbH) by Daniel Halmer and Frederik Gärtner in Berlin. Today, Daniel Halmer continues to run the company as CEO under the CONNY brand, which now combines numerous legal services in the areas of tenancy law, labor law, and telecommunications law. From the heart of the capital, our team of experienced legal and IT experts does everything possible to enforce the rights of consumers.

Get active now!

Check your claims free of charge and without obligation. You can decide whether you commission CONNY or not in the next step.